Removing Unwanted Facial & Body Hair

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At Comfort Blend Electrolysis, we have more than 10 years’ experience in providing quality hair removal services for men and women. With a series of treatments any unwanted hair can be removed permanently. Located in Peterborough, our salon serves the surrounding communities for removing unwanted facial and body hair.

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Removing Unwanted Facial Hair

From hormonal causes to medication side-effects, unwanted facial and body hair can have a number of causes. Hirutisism is a term frequently used to describe excessive hair growth in women. Specifically, these areas include the face, neck, chest, stomach and back. Hirsutism is a fairly common condition that can vary in degree from woman to woman.

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Certain medications can cause excessive growth and can contribute to unwanted facial hair.


All women produce small amounts of male-hormones like testosterone in the adrenal glands, ovaries as well as fat and muscle tissues. Unwanted facial hair may result if one or more of these sites increase production. Although quite rare, there are other underlying medical conditions that can cause unwanted facial hair.

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